Ancho Chiles

Ancho chiles are dried ripe, red poblano peppers. The dried peppers have a mild to medium to heat, and ground anchos are frequently used in chili powder. Anchos are dark brown and wrinkly when dried, but turn brick red after soaking.

Anchos may be ground for chile powder or for use in meat rubs. To use in sauces, and stews, or to stuff, you’ll want to soak the peppers in hot water for about an hour. Soaking for longer can reduce the flavor. Use the soaking water for stews or soups.

Toss pork butt, tomatoes, onions, and soaked anchos, along with the soaking water, into a crockpot set to low in the morning for a sumptuous, fall-apart Mexican pork taco feast when you get home from work.

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