Sausage Wraps with Curried Créme Fraîche

The dipping sauce was adapted from an aioli recipe, traditionally prepared with mayonnaise. Personally, I think créme fraîche works best with this recipe, especially because it is not so runny. But if you can’t find créme fraîche, or if you prefer, substitute mayonnaise or equal parts mayonnaise and sour cream. The seasoned créme fraîche can be made ahead, and the sausage requires no prep, so this makes a quick appetizer for your guests while they’re waiting on slower-cooking dishes such as chicken, brisket, or ribs. Use smoked sausage for a super-quick version. Any extra curried créme fraîche can dress up grilled burgers or chicken sandwiches.

4 uncooked Italian or similar fresh sausages (we used a pork and mozzarella sausage from our local meat market, but any flavor works with this deliciously spicy condiment)
4 large flour tortillas, at room temperature

Dipping Sauce:

1 cup créme fraîche
1 cup red chili sauce
3 tablespoons sweet relish
1 tablespoon curry powder
3 crushed garlic cloves
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger

Grill sausages for about 15 minutes (about 7 minutes on each side), or until they’re cooked through. If you’re not sure, just slice one open–the wraps will conceal your sneaky peak. Smoked sausage only needs 3 or 4 minutes on each side, as it’s already cooked through and you’re just heating it. Keep the rack fairly high to prevent grease flare-ups. Let your sausages develop a nice crusty, browned skin. Smoked sausage will grill quickly.

While sausage cooks, combine sauce ingredients.

Roll each sausage snugly into a flour tortilla. Allow to rest for a few moments before slicing (smoked sausage can be sliced immediately).

Stick toothpicks into the wrapped sausage about an inch apart and slice diagonally. Serve with curried créme fraîche  for dipping. Alternately, you can dress each sausage with sauce before rolling, or drizzle sauce over finished slices.

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